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Why You Should Use Images in Your Content & 13 Free Stock Photo Sites

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More About The Importance of Using Images in Your Content

Now more than ever, you should consider adding visuals when you create content. This is because most folks are more engaged by visual content than text alone. So, we wanted to share a quick run-down about utilizing images in your content.

Our predominant focus will be on stock images in this guide. They’re the easiest to start using if you don’t have a graphic designer on your team. That’s why we’ve put together some of our top tips for using stock images in your content.

Having stock images can be extremely helpful for your company because you don’t have to spend time taking or editing photos, and you aren’t paying someone to take those photos. Often, budgetary constraints keep folks from delving into images in their content, but with stock images and other graphics, you can make a real impact on how people engage with your content.

As people interact with your content more because of your images, you’ll also see some movement with SEO. That’s yet another reason to use images regularly in your content.

But if you aren’t sure where to start with stock images, we’ve put together some of the top free sites you can use. Whether you focus on industry-specific images or need something to match a specific aesthetic, you’ll find our suggestions touch a number of industries and image types, no matter the need.

A great visual can make a world of difference when used well in your content.

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