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The Content Marketer’s Café with Julia McCoy, Episode 2: The #1 Secret to Generating Leads and Sales From Your Content Marketing

I’ve been running my agency, Express Writers, for about 6 years now.
We have about 40 amazing team members: expert copywriters in various specialties, full and part time general writers, strategists, marketing writers, and staff managers.
But there’s one thing that frustrates me time and time again when new clients approach us — when they tell us that a few blog posts executes their entire content marketing plan.
They may not say those exact words, but here’s how they show it:

“I just want to order 2 or 3 blogs. If they work, I’ll come back in a few months for more.”
“I don’t think I need blogs this month. I’ll skip it due to budget.”
“I’ll just start with one short blog and if it works, I’ll order more longer content.”
“How soon can you guarantee me ROI on these blog posts?”

Here’s what you’re really doing…
If you’re trying to save money, cut the budget, or try before you buy when it comes to content marketing, this is what you’re doing.
You’re throwing your money away.
First of all, the investment in blogging is worth it, but not unless you commit to it.
I’m about to give you the lowdown of how content marketing REALLY works in terms of long-term investment.
The reality?
Sometimes, the results don’t happen until month 12 – 24 of consistent blogging — consistent topics, consistent content creation, a consistent publishing schedule, and consistent promotion.
But when it does return, you could make your money back 10x. Sometimes, even more.

How to Generate Leads and Sales From Your Content Marketing

Again, the investment in blogging is worth it, but only if you commit to it.
Here’s why…
It’s like Mr. Miyagi in the Karate Kid:
You either do it or don’t do it.

Let’s go over some of the statistics that happen when you stay consistent at publishing content to your blog:

  • Websites with a blog tend to have 434% more indexed pages. (TechClient)
  • The average return of 15 blogs/month is 1,200 new leads per month. (Hubspot’s State of Inbound)
  • Businesses that post 16x or more per month receive 3.5x more traffic than businesses that post <4x a month. (Hubspot’s State of Inbound)
  • 99% of our six-figure annual income at my agency comes in through the content presence I maintain online. (Express Writers)

Now, how exactly can you win through blogging?
How do you get real leads, sales, and return?

The #1 Secret to Consistent ROI from Your Content Marketing

You have to be consistent.

Consistently maintaining your blog builds long-term presence and authority online.
Look at this graph from Hubspot:

Days, weeks, and months pass – and guess what? That blog you published way back will start to accrue more results than the day you published it.
It’s a dominoes effect.
The effort you put into your blog today could triple or quadruple when it hits the top three in Google months down the road,
… Or when an influencer picks up your blog and shares it to hundreds and thousands of readers,
… Or when someone finds it and then offers you a speaking opportunity.
And long-term, all this content will build your authority online. Results happen when you’re consistent at publishing industry-expert, authoritative blogs.

The #2 Biggest Method to Win Real ROI from Your Content

You need to create thorough, long-form, authoritative content.
Be the best answer to the topic or question.
Be valuable, relevant and insightful in order to win results from those that read your content in the rankings.
Let’s explore what thorough, authoritative content looks like.
You don’t have to guess what content works. These studies prove that long-form, authoritative content, consistently, gets ranked better and shared better.

#1: The average length of posts in the top 10 spots of Google is 2,000 words.

While it’s possible for short-form content to rank well, long-form content is the winner when it comes to front-page results. This is from a SerpIQ study that spanned tens of thousands of content pieces.

Hubspot also did a study on word count vs. average organic traffic. This graph shows the average volume of traffic generated from organic search traffic from Google to a post (broken down by the word count of the page).

From the data, it’s clear that the high performing pages in organic search are those with word counts over 2,250 words. The sweet spot is at 2,250-2,500 words.

#2: Long-form content gets people to stay on pages 40% longer.

People exposed to long-form content also viewed 25% more pages than other visitors. How long? Well, this was from a Kissmetrics study done on an 18,000 word post!

#3: Long-form content earns more social shares.

When it comes to social media, long-form content earns more shares and engagement than standard blog posts. Look at this study by Hubspot:

#4: Longer content helps position you as a leader in your industry. It’s tough to bluff your way through 10,000 words, and readers know that. When you create quality, long-form content, you position yourself as a leader in your industry.

Long-Form Content Examples

I’m going to list some long-form examples. Look at the structure, the research, and the style. This is what you should aim for in your comprehensive content.

How successful can you get?

There really is no limit to the success a blog post can bring you, especially over time.
This is reason you have to commit.
You can’t give up too early.
From an ongoing column on one guest blog, I’ve seen a $5,000 sale come in within three days. But this lead was exposed to my content for 12 months before he moved and visited my site and bought later that week.
content life cycle
From an ongoing column on another site, I was approached and offered a $1000 paycheck to lead a summer course. But again, I’d been blogging for 2 years on that site!
These are just a few examples. I’ve already showed how long-form content over time generates real shares and traction.
Consistency and thorough, useful content are the only way you’ll generate real sales and return from your content.
Don’t throw your money away by investing in anything less.
I challenge you the next time you create a blog for business purposes — think about the ROI of that piece.
Think long-term. Think about the overall worth of the content piece.
Put your best effort into being the best answer to the question you’re trying to write about.

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