High Level Finance Writer | Express Writers

Express Writers is hiring a High Level Finance writer that enjoys their trade and wants to grow with us. If you understand content writing, know how to research and write with care, and have the ability to write for SEO, we encourage you to apply.

You must be a native English speaker with impeccable English skills. Pay is made every two weeks.

Pay opportunity:
Level 2: $50/500w – 5+ years in content writing, multiple experiences with larger volume assignments under your belt, proven track record, and the ability to specialize in an industry

 Full-Time and Part-Time available. We are looking for at least 1,000 word availability per day. Full-time is equivalent to 4,000+ words per day.

How to apply and interview:

  1. Review our web writing guidelines here: http://bit.ly/ewguidlinesforwriters
  2. Then, open this link and choose the tech writer interview test: https://expresswriters.com/hr-writing-interviews/
  3. Follow our writing guidelines to write and submit a sample that follows our formatting and template guidelines. You only need to write 200 words for the sample request.
  4. Email your writing test back to us as a Word doc to [email protected]  along with the position you are applying for – High Level Tech Writer $50/500 words. Please include your background and qualification in these areas.
    Please write a sample that follows our writing guidelines and matches the topic given above (samples that don’t will be rejected). It should be structured like a full blog post, with headline, clear body introduction, and H1. Write a partial article for us – feel free to stop at 200w. Please note we receive hundreds of samples per day and are unable to respond to each one.
    We look forward to seeing your sample.