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Repurposing Content: Is It Still Working Today?

Annie is the Content Manager here at Express Writers, has managed multiple teams in the past, and has been a journalist and expert copywriter for years. You want to create great content for your readers but you’re short on time, right? If you haven’t considered repurposing content, it may be time to give recycling your […]

15 of the Hottest Email Newsletters & Why They Are So Successful

Alecs is our Client Accounts Manager and a ten-year-veteran copywriter. Email newsletters have been around for a long time, as a successful means of helping businesses communicate with their customers. When email introduced a new dimension to the traditional newsletter, it instantly became more marketable in the twenty-first century. Not all newsletters are great, entertaining reads, however. […]

How Using The LinkedIn Publishing Platform Can Impact Your Business (With Pros & Cons)

Alecs is the Client Accounts Manager at Express Writers and has years of copywriting and journalism under her belt. LinkedIn is among the most popular social media outlets available today because of the unique premise it presents to its users, including the ever-growing LinkedIn publishing platform. On LinkedIn, you are judged not on what you look like, […]