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How Netflix Is Dominating With Their Brand Content Strategy

Over the years, slowly but surely, Netflix has morphed into an original content machine. At the same time, they have honed their brand content strategy into an incredibly sharp tool. One that literally mows down their competitors. Look at their brand growth numbers: In 2016, Netflix reached over 109 million streaming subscribers worldwide (that’s one […]

It’s Book Launch Day! Julia’s Second Book, Practical Content Strategy & Marketing, is Here

My book, Practical Content Strategy & Marketing, is out today! Get it: Amazon B&N iBooks This 366-page paperback is my answer to a huge industry need – practical, real-life content strategy & marketing teaching! I’ve spent the last 7 months compiling it, and poured more than 500 hours into research, creation, and whittling down the essence […]

Law Blog Writers: 6 Key Steps to Stop Writing Boring, Blah Posts

Blogging. Everybody’s doing it. It’s not a coincidence. Content marketing and blogging are successful, proven ways to earn leads, conversions, and increase sales and revenue. More and more marketers are focusing on blogging in particular as the keystone of their efforts. According to stats Impact shared, marketers consider blogs “critical” to success. It’s all because […]

Facebook Ads for B2Bs: The Insider Guide to a Facebook Advertising Strategy Mapped to Your Buyer’s Journey

Are you turning Facebook Likes into actual dollars in your company account? Most marketers begin their Facebook advertising strategy with enthusiasm, watching as likes pour in from people active in their target niche, and waiting for the big payoff… But more often than not, the payoff never comes. Beyond some new Page Likes and a […]

Google Fred: The Biggest SEO Update Affecting Content That Rolled Out in 2017 & How it Can Affect Your Content

Google has become increasingly cagey about its updates. If there is one, unless it’s gargantuan, you probably won’t hear about it from the search engine. Take a look at some of their communications on Twitter via their spokespeople, John Mueller and Gary Illyes: Yes, we make changes almost every day. — John ☆.o(≧▽≦)o.☆ (@JohnMu) March […]