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Financial Blog Writers: 5 Secrets for Amplifying Content Quality & Succeeding in the SERPs

Financial firms: Got a blog? I sure hope you do. It might sound like an obvious statement, but your blog is your biggest reader magnet. Without one, you’re practically undiscoverable in the 400 million active websites online today. According to Demand Metric, 90% of businesses are blogging in 2020. By the time you’re done reading this […]

AgoraPulse Live Show: A Recap of My Guest Talk for #SocialPulseWeekly on How to Survive in Today’s Pandemic & More

Just a few months after celebrating the 9th anniversary of Express Writers, two weeks ago I had a wonderful opportunity to be a special guest on AgoraPulse Social Pulse Weekly, hosted by the lovely Jennifer Watson. It was such a great talk! 🔥 And very relevant to our times, with a keep-it-real chat about business […]

What Does a Copywriter Do? (Infographic)

This post was originally published in July 2015 and completely updated in August 2020. Copywriting is a dynamic, valuable trade. Without copywriting, the web itself wouldn’t exist. Despite its importance, many people still don’t know what copywriting is or what a copywriter does on the daily, typing away behind their computer. 👩‍💻 The answer is […]

How to Find and Hire Great Customer Service Representatives to Complement Your Marketing

Here’s a scary fact. Your customer service representatives could be causing your business heavy losses. In fact, businesses lose up to $75 billion a year because of bad customer service. 🤯 The bottom line? You can’t have great marketing without awesome customer service representatives. It’s a fact, fam. In the past nine years of running […]