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Your Nutshell Guide to Better Website Conversion Optimization: Boost Your Site’s Profitability With These Tips

Even if your content is killer, your conversion rates can still be lackluster. *mic drop* 🎤 That’s because every tiny detail, including the surrounding content, sidebars, header images, and links (let’s call them the “peripheral stuff”), contribute to your user’s experience (UX, for short). You may think these extraneous details have no bearing on the […]

Producing Meaningful, Relevant Content: The Top 2 Factors for More Effective Marketing in 2018 & the Future

If you’re a marketer in 2018, you’re familiar with the buzzwords saturating the online marketing industry. Like… Content marketing. SEO. Viral content. Everyone is trumpeting the wonders of content. And everyone has a formula for creating that elusive “secret sauce” — the one thing that, if done correctly, will launch your content to the top […]

The Write Podcast, Episode 40: Jay Baer on Talk Triggers & How to Build Effective Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Did you know? 83% of Americans say that a word-of-mouth recommendation from a friend or family member makes them more likely to purchase that product or service. Today, for Episode 40 (already!!), I’m honored to have the amazing Jay Baer as my guest on The Write Podcast. Jay’s brand-new book, Talk Triggers, co-written with Daniel Lemin, came out […]

The Write Podcast, Episode 39: Henneke Duistermaat on How to Improve Your Copywriting Skills Even if You’re a Non-Native Writer

Henneke Duistermaat is one of my all-time favorite bloggers (Enchanting Marketing). She writes copy with incredible clarity and is pretty much the queen of engaging copywriting. What’s even more mind-blowing is her story. Her native tongue is Dutch, not English: yet she’s risen to such a level with awesome blogging skills that Brian Clark has said […]

Don’t Treat Your Buyers Like It’s 1999: Why The Blood-Thirsty Sales Era is Reaching Tipping Point & Why Content Marketing Works

According to the internet, sales (and salespeople) are dying. ⚰ Just take a look through a few headlines that crossed through three leading business publications: For one, maybe it’s because today’s sales processes still focus on the product and the profit rather than the customer. Plus, when you get down to the root of it, […]

12 Creative Content Lessons From One of the Most Popular Superhero Movies Ever (Batman)

If you’re a content marketer, I’d bet you feel nothing like Batman. Your utility belt might be full of data, LinkedIn connections and long to-do lists, instead of throwable weapons. And, your dress code might be business casual instead of black leather combat suits. But there’s a ton that you can learn from the Dark Knight Rises. Let’s face it: coming up with […]

How to Expertly Partner with a Blog Ghost Writer for Content Domination

The benefits of blogging for business are BIG. (Say that 5x fast.) When you blog, you will: Attract organic traffic to your website Help search engines index your pages for relevant industry keywords Build up trust with visitors, turning them into readers, then customers Educate visitors about your industry/business/products/services And more Need content creation support? […]

5 Blogging Tips for Technical Writers to Help You Explain High-Tech Topics to Your Audience

If you’re a technical writer engaging in content marketing, you may not be reaching all of your possible readers. Technical writers are great at writing for other tech experts, but what about the average person? The person with basic computing knowledge (they can navigate word processing software, cloud storage, and basic photo editing, and can […]