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The State of Content Marketing Today. Why We Just Launched New & Improved Content Strategy Services at Express Writers

Let’s talk a little about the state of content marketing as it stands today. 91% of content marketers are using content marketing. That’s higher than all previous years to date. Content creation is the #1 activity in content marketing that gets outsourced. 45% of content marketers are more successful than they were the previous year: And […]

Infographic: The ROI of Content Marketing (In Numbers Everyone Understands and With a Case Study)

Content marketing is effective – but I’d bet you certainly don’t need convincing. You already know how good it is: Content marketers get 6x more website conversions than non-adopters. Marketers who rate themselves as effective make sure at least 37% of their budgets go toward their content and content goals. The problem: How do you explain […]

5 Major SEO Content Trends to Expect in 2018

Search engine optimization is going to look waaaay different in 2018. It’s true. We’re forging into the future, and that means search has to change to keep up with technology and user habits/needs. But what do “they” (the Big G) want? And, where is technology going – and how does that tie in to the […]

Content Marketing Copywriting 101: The Essential Guide on Writing For Your Online Reader

Two distinct strategies that many people confuse or mix up: Content marketing. Copywriting. They aren’t the same thing, although both intertwine with each other in benefits and results. Think of it like this: Content marketing gets your prospects invested in what you do. Copywriting makes them want to follow up on that investment with action. […]

Inbound Content & SEO Just Got 10x More Important. (My Thoughts In an Era of No More HuffPost Contributor, FB Business Page Reach Death)

If you’re reading this, you likely already know what a big fan I am of great content in content marketing. It’s like saying, “Julia likes coffee” (understatement), or, “the sun is shining” (also a drastic understatement 89.9% of the year in Austin, Texas). And specifically, what a fan I am of the SEO side of […]