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The Sales Funnel: Is It Dead? What’s Replaced It? (Video)

The sales funnel is dead! I know, I know, shocking — right? But maybe not, if you’ve had any worthwhile interaction with a typical online customer. If you’re in marketing, at all, you need to watch this video. I’ve got some thought-provoking insights about the sales funnel and how content marketing can play a big […]

The Secrets of Grabbing Attention Online: Insights from YouTube’s “Skip” Button

Creating ads is a tricky business. It’s a case of a phenomenon I’ve mentioned before: the marketer’s equivalent of the Hawthorne Effect, which was a study done in the 1920s that discovered changes to people’s experimental conditions (amount of light, time to work, etc.) led directly to increases in productivity. Well, interruptions lead to negativity — […]

How To Write Headlines that Earn More Clicks & Reads (Video)

Headlines are a critical step to the overall success of the content you publish, especially blogs. Here’s something else, though. The experience of the reader after the headline — what’s in the content itself — is also every bit as important. Similar to a tasty cake with even better icing, or a great store with […]

Why Your Content Marketing Isn’t Working (Video)

Content marketing works. 🔥 I’ve talked about this and written about it for years in my blogs, guest blogs, emails, case studies. The reality of blogging and content marketing ROI is growing greater year by year, as consumers get smarter and ad money goes down the toilet. Just look at these three top statistics: Hubspot […]

Content Hacking: The Future of Content Marketing

If you’ve spent any amount of time on the internet, you’ve probably heard terms like “hack” and “hacking.” In the blog-o-sphere, these terms have been used to mean “clever solutions to tricky problems” or “tricks to make your life easier.” Image: Urban Dictionary We can see this in the Google results for “hacks” – they’re […]

A Case Study in Blogging: 21,600 Keyword Rankings in Google and 90,000 Visitors Per Month

This May, we’re celebrating our 8th full year of business at Express Writers. Looking back, it doesn’t even feel like eight years. More like a century. (Just kidding!) Seriously, though, I’m thankful that we’re here this May. Eight years is nothing to sneeze at. Just look at these statistics from Motley Fool: 80% of new businesses survive […]