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How to Not Be Repetitive & Redundant: 5 Unique Ways to Stand Out & Be a Contrarian Content Marketer

If you’ve spent any time in content marketing, you’ve probably already seen this phenomenon: most of the content out there is simply a copy of something else. While this might seem odd, in an industry that’s so focused on individuality, relevance, and value, it’s true. Much of the written material in our niche has gone stale. […]

New Services in the Content Shop: Kindle Ebook Formatting for Self-Published Authors, Marketing Copy Formats, & New Expert Category

Over the weekend, we were busy beavers – we added several new products to our Content Shop! Kindle ebook formatting (with an option for a custom, made-from-scratch cover design) Marketing copy services in various formats, from flyers to brochure copy and more, under the new expert category Marketing New expert writing category: Content Marketing All of these services […]

11 Content Marketing Trends to Keep An Eye On

Listen. Do you hear that? That’s the sound of the first quarter of 2017 whizzing past you, rapidly disappearing into the rearview mirror. Crazy, right?! Once time is gone, you can’t get it back. So: are you on track with your goals? Are you working on your content strategy? Do you have a content strategy? The first […]