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How a Freelance Copywriter Can Seriously Boost Your Content Marketing Campaign (And Save You Money)

88% of marketers are now engaging in some form of content marketing. And why wouldn’t they? Businesses across the globe have consistently proven just how beneficial a focus on producing content can be to driving revenue. But while there are plenty of readily available resources and courses on content marketing, 60% of organizations still say […]

Decoding the Life Expectancy of Your Website Content

You spend hours, sometimes even days or weeks, creating engaging content that your audience will love. You post it to your preferred social media platforms and are slowly but surely generating some user engagement. But then it stops. No more shares, likes, pins, backlinks…nothing. Since you’ve optimized your content for SEO, your focus now shifts […]

What Blog Topics Get the Most Shares & Reads? A Data Driven Answer

You’ve listened to the data. You’re consistently writing great long-form content that’s supposed to be generating plenty of shares and traffic for your blog. But, for some reason, it’s not working. Over and over again, you’re finding that a large majority of your content generates minimal levels of social engagement. You’re not alone. After taking […]

How to Write an Amazing About Page

Ah, the dreaded About Page. You know you need one… But few people know how to create one that actually accomplishes anything for their business. Here’s a good question. What is a “good About Page” really supposed to accomplish? Copyblogger says that it should answer three questions for your visitor: What’s in this for me? Am […]