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The P.A.S.T.O.R. Formula: Your 12-Step Guide on How to Make a High Converting Landing Page

It takes only one high-converting landing page to give your brand a gigantic boost in sales. Here’s an example. To promote its blenders, Vitamix launched a single landing page highlighting its superiority over other brands. It blended together (no pun intended 😀) great content, simplicity, and a deep knowledge of its target audience. Source: vitamix.com […]

There’s Nothing Magic About Brand-Building: How to Build a Brand That Lasts Organically Despite the Ups and Downs

Ever wonder why some brands vanish into obscurity while others enjoy viral popularity? Or why certain brands pop into your head when you see certain colors? Why some businesses withstand pandemics, a decade of ups and downs and make it… while others die by the wayside? Building a brand that lasts is a process of commitment. […]