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10 Critical Content Types To Invest In When Launching a New Site

When you launch a new website, investing in the right content is critical. In addition to “beautifying” your site with great copy that supports your company’s goals and talks to your audience, good content helps you gain online exposure in the SERP results, rankings, leads, traffic – and boosts your chances of converting new clients. But which types of content […]

How to Optimize Your Product Description Copywriting for Conversions

If you run an e-commerce site where you sell things online, you know just how important your product description copywriting is. Unfortunately, many marketers miss the bar when it comes to crafting product descriptions that actually sell and return on their copy investment. If you think about a product description objectively, it’s clear that they’re the first experience customers […]

A Data-Driven Answer on Where to Publish Your Content, & the Downside of Being Everywhere

From the moment we wake up, we consume a crazy high amount of content. It’s nuts. In just one minute: 7 million Snapchat videos are posted. Over 2 million Instagram posts get “hearted.” Facebook gets over 4 million likes. Nearly 350,000 tweets happen. Google translates 69 million words. (Contently) In one day: two million blogs are posted. So it only makes […]

Why Keyword Research is Vital to a Strong Content Presence Online & Our Favorite Tools

Ongoing, consistent keyword research is critical to a strong online presence. While keyword research has seen its share of changes over the years, it remains a useful part of content creation. Why? Keyword research is online ROI.  Real, true, return-on-investment: find the right keywords, and you can create content with the potential for high Google rankings inside the […]

The Write Podcast, E20: Influencer Marketing – Why it Matters Today More than Ever & How to Become Known Online with Mark Schaefer

Listen to “E20 Influencer Marketing- Why it Matters Today More than Ever & How to Become Known with Mark Schaefer” on Spreaker. Welcome to Episode 20 of the Write Podcast! I’m thrilled to have on my show today the amazing Mark Schaefer, a globally-recognized social media keynote speaker, consultant, and the author of five six best-selling […]

How to Kill the Fear Troll that Stops Copy Conversions From Happening & Win Over Your Readers (Case Study)

What is it in your copy that leads someone on your site from the point of almost purchasing, to actually converting? Better yet… What stops them from that last step (the sale)? The answer is relatively simple. At some point, they came face-to-face with an ugly troll that is known as prospect fear. Today, we’re calling it the […]

Why Brand Honesty & Authenticity in Content Marketing is Key to Building Customer Trust

How much do you agree with this thought: “Honesty is something you can’t wear out.” – Waylon Jennings Here’s another question. Is it possible to be too honest? Over-transparent? Everyone has at least one person they know who says too much. It can be irritating. But in content marketing, brand honesty and authenticity are the opposite of […]

3 Reasons Why Your Content Marketing is Failing

Does the following sound familiar? Send out a newsletter, Update your social media, Check search engine rankings, Try to engage with your audience and respond when needed, Put some effort into blogging. Is it getting you somewhere? Or do you fit the more common mold: unhappy, the results aren’t what you had hoped, and it’s A […]