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31 Interesting SEO Experts to Follow & Learn From On Twitter

SEO can be a tangled web to navigate. Google updates its algorithm every single day, while regulations for data-sharing and best-practices for ranking change as quickly as the weather. Who has time to keep track of all that? Lucky for you, there are credible SEO’ers out there keeping their finger on that pulse, tweeting helpful resources and news […]

The Write Podcast, E37: Building a Content Marketing Empire and the 10% vs 10x Framework with Garrett Moon of CoSchedule

Today on The Write Podcast, the CEO of CoSchedule, Garrett Moon, joins me to talk about how he’s grown a massive content marketing empire with CoSchedule, and a framework for prioritizing opportunities that equal major business growth: he calls this the 10% versus 10x framework. I’ve long been an avid reader, listener, and subscriber to […]

What’s Ahead for #ContentWritingChat, Express Writers & Julia McCoy (Announcement: Switching to 1x/Month in June 2018)

This Friday, we’re doing a #ContentWritingChat “recap” in a slightly different style. First, it’s Julia here, sharing the direction #ContentWritingChat is headed, in more depth. I’m sure you all were shocked by our Tuesday announcement, sharing that we’re moving to a once/month format! 🚨 ANNOUNCEMENT: #ContentWritingChat is changing! Today, we’re asking for your input on […]

TL;DR: What is GDPR & How to Make Sure Your Content Is Compliant (Featuring Attorney Richard Chapo)

If you’ve been paying attention to the news in recent months, you may have seen headlines with the phrases “GDPR” and “European Union” popping up more and more often. “GDPR” refers to “General Data Protection Regulation.” It’s legislation that the EU approved back in April of 2016. Once approval happened, businesses were given 2 years […]