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10 Content Platforms to Post on in 2015

Believe it or not, 2015 is almost here, which means it is time to look at some great strategies to improve your content marketing campaigns. As we approach the New Year, start considering the different content platforms you are posting on and those that you are not. I am going to take a look at ten great platforms that you should be using in 2015 to help you out.

What’s ahead? 2015 is not only the year of the hoverboard and excruciating futuristic 80s-wear; it is also the year to improve your content campaigns! Let’s take a look at some great content platforms you can use to improve your content sharing.

Why Should You Use Multiple Content Platforms?

It might seem like a bit much to share your content on multiple platforms. Sure, sharing content on social media and a blog is fine, but do you really need to share it on other platforms? Sharing on multiple content platforms helps to make sure you are reaching a wider audience and broadening your chances of getting more customers and revenue.

The reality is, no one person likes to read or consume his or her content the same way. Some people like webinars, others infographics, and some want in-depth pieces. This is why posting to multiple platforms with different content styles is a great idea. Here are a few platforms that get your content out to your audience in different ways, ensuring that you can reach more than one type of customer!

1. LinkedIn is Great for a Professional Audience. Way back in February, places such as Search Engine Land started informing everyone that LinkedIn finally opened blogging for everyone, not just influencers. This meant that your small business could post a blog about your industry and get quite the amount of views. This is a great change for businesses, but it seems that over the long months since, not many realize just how important this platform can be for their content.

Writing content on LinkedIn can help you reach a different audience than your web page might be reaching, and you might have a chance to make possible connections with industry leaders. How can you create successful content for you LinkedIn? Here are a few great suggestions from Search Engine Watch:

  • Make sure you choose topics your LinkedIn audience wants to read.
  • Be consistent with your posts and consider posting once a week.
  • Keep your LinkedIn article short at about 800 words.
  • Make sure you always respond to comments on LinkedIn content.

If you haven’t been posting content to LinkedIn, then you need to make a change to your content campaign for 2015! This is going to be a big part of getting people to your site.

2. Facebook is Still Relevant. Regardless of what you might be hearing, Facebook is still relevant for content and it will be for quite some time. No matter how many social media sites pop up, it seems Facebook stays stronger than ever. The question about relevancy came about when Copyblogger deleted their Facebook account saying they weren’t reaching the amount of people they believed they should. This led to their decision that Facebook isn’t relevant anymore. However, it was shown that their Facebook posts happened to be incredibly un-engaging.

Facebook will still be relevant in 2015, and even with a few new social platforms on the horizon, it doesn’t seem like we will see the end of this social channel for a few more years. If you need a little more convincing about the importance of Facebook for your business’s content, here are some great reasons:

  • Practically everyone has a Facebook nowadays, which gives you the chance to reach a wide audience.
  • You have to create engaging content for Facebook, so why not focus on engaging content for every channel and your blog? People want engaging content no matter where your content is posted.
  • It allows you to connect with clients easier than most other social and content platforms.

3. Twitter Reaches a Wider Audience. When you use Twitter, you get another chance to reach a wider audience. It allows you to interact quickly with your clients and, for many, it feels more personal than Facebook. Twitter requires you to respond directly to a mention or reply, which helps add that personal touch many might lack with other social sites like Pinterest or even Facebook. Since Twitter is very much a “real time” social site, this means that when you post your tweet, it has a chance of being seen immediately by the people who are following you. This can be perfect because you may find more people click on a link on Twitter when they see it right away.

If you are using Twitter already, that is great! If you aren’t, now is the time to get on it because it can be a great tool to use in 2015. As we approach the New Year, those who have Twitter should consider changing the strategies, and those who plan to get one can use a few tips as well! When posting on Twitter remember these few simple facts:

  • Add high-quality pictures to your tweets. Photographs have proven to up engagement on Twitter quite a bit! People really like images.
  • Fill everything out and add a profile and cover photo.
  • Create captivating, yet short headlines for your content and other items you share.
  • Don’t hesitate to interact with people! Your clients will really enjoy having someone to chat with.

4. YouTube Connects with Audiences in a Different Way. This tends to be a social channel that goes widely unappreciated and unnoticed by many. This is a great channel to use to add more media to your content, and give clients something more to watch and interact with. You might think that you can just load some videos to something like Dropbox, but YouTube can help you boost interaction and it gives people a central location to find a business’s videos. When using YouTube, there are a few great tips to make some powerful, great videos. They are:

  • When you post a video, always add a call to action to the description. You can even add one to the end of your video.
  • Customize your YouTube channel to reflect your brand and be consistent with your other social channels.
  • Upload high-quality videos to get better engagement.


  1. Email Campaigns are Still Vital for Content. Some people feel that email campaigns aren’t as important as they used to be. People think that social media is enough, but email is still a powerful platform to use for your content. In fact, the majority of people are now more apt to be on their email more than they used to be simply because many of us wake up, and check email while we are still in bed. This gives you a great time to captivate your audience and convince them to click the links and interact with your content. You can have multiple email campaigns for many different products, services, and holidays.

6. Content Distribution Platforms Keep Things Organized. Content distribution platforms? What do I mean by that? I’m referring to platforms that allow you to share your content on several different content channels – something like Hootsuite. This gives you the ability to upload all of your content to every single platform you plan on using without being too stressful. There are several great places out there that offer free services with pro accounts that can give you more tools such as analytics. Take a look and consider using one for your content campaign in 2015. In fact, this might just be the most popular way to load your content in 2015 so don’t get left behind!

7. Takes the Best Thing Ever and Makes it Engaging for Readers. One thing I really enjoy is making lists. It helps keep me organized and makes sure I don’t forget something important. There are several other people out there who simply enjoy lists as well, which makes the platform a great place to use for and engage your readers. It is free, but you can also sign up for premium. You can create your own lists for people to read, but you can also have lists that are added to by your readers. This can be a great way to involve people in your content, which can help them become more engaged. If they become engaged on making lists, they might be more likely to become involved on your other content on different platforms.

8. Webinar Content Platforms Can Help with Video Content. Webinars are a great form of content that many people seem to neglect. They provide a chance for you to host meetings or classes to give people useful information. This can either be for people in your industry, employees or clients. People find webinars highly valuable.

As 2015 starts, consider getting a webinar content platform to promote your webinars and get more people involved. A great place to start is Google Hangouts, which allows for a form of webinar where a handful of people can get on the chat, and countless people can watch. Remember when using Hangouts, make a call “private” so that not just anyone can join. If you’ve ever used it without keeping it invite only, you will have had random people join in on the call for some odd reason! Plan out a few great ideas for webinars, and consider even hosting some where you allow your clients to get on and interact with you, as well.

9. Use WordPress for Your Website in 2015. WordPress is a great content resource for companies when it comes to creating a website and blog. Several companies use this platform already, and many are slowly making the shift to it because it offers them a lot more than other platforms out there. If you already have your website on one platform, you can always brainstorm a way to transfer over to WordPress as smoothly as possible. Why should you use this platform though? Take a look at a few reasons from 1st Web Designer:

  • It is open source, allowing you to make changes to make the site reflect your brand better. You can also make easy changes to your website if you plan on a redesign later down the road.
  • It is great at helping with content management, making it easy for you to implement web pages, pictures, and other media content. You don’t have to have any special training to manage the content. That sounds great, doesn’t it?
  • It is SEO friendly, which is something you should consider. While you shouldn’t focus heavily on keywords, WordPress can still help you achieve decent SEO ranks.
  • It supports media much better than other platforms. This includes videos, slideshows, and maps.

10. Use Storify to Tell Stories and Engage Readers. Something that is important in content creation is storytelling. There happens to be a great resource out there that helps you create stories from over 20 different social channels, and allows you to make stories public when they are ready or keep them private until you want to share. This platform is known as Storify. You can use a free version or premium version to craft expert stories for your readers. This will be a great way to engage them and make them more interested in content. Try this out and see if your company can benefit from a storytelling content sharing platform. A great tip from The Hub Comms is that the businesses that will see the most benefit from this platform are media companies, universities, brands, & governments.

Did you see any content platforms you want to try in 2015? Take a few of these out for a spin and see how you like them, and if you think they will work for you! You might just find the perfect platform that helps your content campaigns go from typical to extraordinary.

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    I love all of the content you have on this post. I have been creating content for more than 5 years now and had my own strategy, but I see that your tips here have refreshed some of the things that I was already doing. Thanks!


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